Outdoor Bonsai Starter Trees

Here you will find our selection of outdoor starter bonsai trees. All our trees are given a health check before being offered for sale.

Our range of outdoor starter bonsai trees are great if you're thinking of starting your own bonsai from scratch.

These starter trees are ideal for planting into the ground or training pots to bulk up the trunks. Or if you are after a really small bonsai you could always style right away (Within Reason) This range is always changing so check back regularly to see what new stock we have.

We will provide pictures of the exact starter tree you'll receive unless otherwise stated.

Outdoor bonsai need to be placed outside all year round. They need the cold of winter to become dormant and have a rest period before spring. An outdoor bonsai placed inside will eventually die!

Please Note - Trees change during the seasons so when your tree arrives it may look slightly different to the pictures. We will try and update pictures as often as possible. When possible we will provide pictures of deciduous trees with and without the leaves. This should help you decide if the tree is for you. Evergreen trees don't loose there leaves but still change through the seasons.



Juniper (Itoigawa) Bonsai Starter Tree / Material Tree No66


Outdoor Evergreen
Bonsai Tree